Omnitude aims to revolutionise connectivity between blockchain technologies & enterprise systems.

The Omnitude platform will act as middleware, enabling simple integration of blockchain technology into existing systems and in doing so, transform their capabilities.

What is Omnitude?

Omnitude is a blockchain smart platform that connects blockchain technologies, eCommerce platforms & enterprise systems involved in building end to end supply chains.

Utilising Omnitude as an integration layer between existing systems enables rapid deployment of blockchain technology without the need to replace current systems.

What does it achieve?

Omnitude enables businesses to solve problems in ways that were not previously possible without the rise of blockchain technology.

Omnitude will help achieve:

  • The creation of transparent and accountable manufacturing and supply chains.
  • A significant reduction in eCommerce fraud.
  • The enablement of a single customer identity for use across any Omnitude connected eCommerce site.
  • Block chain integration between enterprise systems such as ERP & WMS.

... And many more solutions from Omnitude and the community built as Omnitude Apps.

Benefits of blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is ushering in a new period of immutability and transparency across many areas of our lives. With each new blockchain project that is released, the consumer becomes more and more aware of the levels of transparency businesses can choose to achieve.

This will lead to greater demand from the consumer for minutiae detail and access to their data, transactions and what is being processed on their behalf.

Companies that do not embrace blockchain technology will fall behind in an already competitive market driven by consumer choice.

Who is behind Omnitude?

Omnitude is a blockchain project borne out of an existing enterprise eCommerce agency. We’ve spent the best part of the last 10 years putting up with one of the major problems Omnitude will fix, integrations, we’ve spent most of our time integrating and reintegrating systems.

We know this sector inside and out, we have a pool of staff who know this sector very well and more importantly, we have a lot of enterprise customers who cannot wait to get their hands on Omnitude.