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Omnitude is adding a deeper experiential layer to their already excellent dining experience through the blockchain.

A taste for innovation

Our partnership with catering specialist Absolute Taste will see our Blockchain-based middleware platform integrated with Absolute Taste’s existing systems, allowing them to communicate with authority to their customers about the provenance of the food on their plate. Omnitude is adding a deeper experiential layer to their already excellent dining experience through the blockchain

From farm to fork

Absolute Taste provides creative and innovate food experiences to complex international and domestic events such as; Formula E; The British Grand Prix at Silverstone; The Fever Tree Championships at Queens; The Volvo Round The World Yacht Race; to name but a few..

Our middleware platform brings the benefits of blockchain to the food supply chain, ensuring trust within the entire supply structure. Customers of Absolute Taste will be able to track the complete provenance of the food on their plate — right down to the fisherman who line caught their salmon, or the farm which reared their beef.

Exacting standards

Each item on the menu will have a unique, trusted, verifiable journey that customers can explore. It’s part of Absolute Taste’s commitment to cutting edge cuisine that is customer-centric and deeply personalised as well as fitting perfectly with their philosophy of taking the story behind their produce very seriously.

Food for thought

As food supply chains become more and more complex, it becomes more
important than ever to ensure trust and transparency. Blockchain is an
ideally suited technology to apply to the often complex structures that underpin a truly global food trade. Not only does it encourage and underpin transparency and trust, it also promotes safer food standards.

Being able to guarantee provenance, sustainability, country of origin and fair trade credentials encourages a deeper relationship between brand
and consumer built on quality and trust.

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