What is Omnitude?

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Omnitude is a middleware hybrid blockchain layer… a toolkit for businesses to integrate the benefits of blockchain technology into the commercial fabric of their organisations easily and cost efficiently.

Omnitude is not a single solution blockchain application. It is much bigger than that, our vision for business is pioneering.

Not only do we add value through our middleware solutions, we are also driving the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology in big industry through the establishment of a hybrid blockchain ecosystem.

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We take away the barriers to entry for adopting blockchain, no large fees paid to middlemen, pure play blockchain expertise balanced with real world experience.

Blockchain made easy

We take away the barriers to entry for adopting blockchain, no large fees paid to middlemen, pure play blockchain expertise balanced with real world experience in Supply Chain, eCommerce, Project Management, Programming, Development and Deployment, Fintech, Marketing, Branding, Retail and Sales across both B2B and B2C environments.

Making your data work for you

Push, pull and merge data to create workflows. Our hybrid blockchain middleware platform enables access to big data quickly, easily and securely, without the need to update existing systems.

A stronger supply chain

Transparency, immutability and security to the supply chain. Track, confirm and order across complex logistics operations with our distributed ledger technology, being confident in the data at every step of the journey.

Cost reduction

Cost efficiency in the use of our ecosystem. No large enterprise licensing fees. Pay for usage of our systems as you go, no large upfront payments. Lean and agile consulting process with lower fees than many other integrated solutions companies.

Counterfeiting counter-measures

Reduction of fraud and counterfeit goods, blockchain solutions to ensure provenance, quality and legitimacy from point of manufacture to consumer, protecting brand equity.

Fast and flexible

Our system is built on Hyperledger Fabric, transacting faster than Visa and Paypal straight out of the box. Baked in scalability of distributed networks with flexibility to spin up nodes in an instant. A secure permissioned network.

A world of choice

A gateway to a wider ecosystem -one connection, multiple applications, get access to an ecosystem of app developers and blockchain experts across a broad range of disciplines.

We are currently advising with Luxury Goods and Food Retailers, Technology Businesses and Logistics Companies. All looking to incorporate new technologies to improve their operations.

We mitigate the risk in adopting new technology by the structural need to only pay as you use our systems, with a transparent and easy to understand consultation and discovery process that is charged without any middleman fees.

We are working with a whole spectrum of enterprises looking to leverage the benefits of this new disruptive technology.

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