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What is the (smart) contract address?

If you wanted to add to e.g. MEW or Metamask

You will most likely need the following info:

Contract address for MEW/Metamask – 0x171D750d42d661B62C277a6B486ADb82348c3Eca

Symbol- ECOM

Decimals- 18

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The journey of Omnitude is more than just storing Tokens in a wallet however, we would love to hear your thoughts, your concerns and most of all hear you in our community come say hi!




How can I claim my tokens?

On March 28th 2019, at 12:00 noon, our token dashboard was shut down to the general public. If you participated in our token sale (2018) and still have unclaimed tokens, rest assured that they have moved into our custody.

Claim back your tokens by filling out our form. Please allow up to 6 weeks for the claim to be completed.


Which network have you chosen for your token? Why?

We are building our own Blockchain on Hyperledger Fabric, but until Hyperledger can support its own tokens, we are using a ERC-20 compatible token which will be transferred 1:1 as soon as we can tokenise the platform.

How can I sign up for a sponsored node

You can’t buy-in just yet. Everyone who has expressed an interest in our Sponsored Nodes will be contacted directly, and a wider announcement made once we have the information to share. Priority will be given to token holders who purchased in the pre-sale and the main token sale and in the first instance there will be a limited number. The availability of these will grow as time goes on due to network growth and client expansion, but this is a great opportunity to be part of the Omnitude ‘fabric’.

Do I need to move my ECOM for Stellar?

Yes eventually, but not yet. We will be releasing more information over the coming months covering everything you need to know and do. We will be working hard to ensure everyone has enough time and ability to convert their tokens.

Are you going to be running on Lumens now?

No, we will run ECOM tokens on top of the Stellar network using its technology. We will not convert ECOM to Lumens.

How will Steller and Hyperledger work together?

We are creating our own hybrid blockchain solution called Omnitude Core and this will utilise the best of both Stellar and Hyperledger technologies. Hyperledger (its frameworks and projects) will power the Omnitude ecosystem and Steller will drive the currency aspect of ECOM (transactions).


What are the benefits of Omnitude for enterprise?

Blockchain made easy

we take away the barriers to
entry for adopting blockchain
Making your datawork for you

Push pull and merge data
to create workflows.

Reduction of fraud and
counterfeit goods.
Cost reduction

Cost efficiency in the use
of our ecosystem. No large
enterprise licensing fees.
A stronger supply chain

Transparency, immutability and
security to the supply chain.
Fast and flexible

The system can handle 100,000
transactions per second with baked
in scalability. Already multiple use
cases indentified.
Flexibility and a world of choice

A gateway to a wider ecosystem
-one connection, multiple applications
Empower everyone

From Accounts teams to Warehouse
teams, everyone can build and use
Omnitude apps without being an
IT specialist.

What are the benefits of Omnitude for developers?

Be part of the family

Join a community ofr developers
to build app solutions on top of
the ecosystem.
Think global

Participate in thought leadership
activities, documentation, code and
events, gain exposure amongst a
global Omnitude developer network.
Give and get

Build apps and get rewarded
for improving the ecosystem.
Be bleeding edge

Help shape the future of blockchain in a
decentralised, secure and transparent
community environment that is driving
mainstream adoption.
Get Connected

Connect with best-in-class
blockchain developers around
the world.

What problem does Omnitude seek to solve?

Omnitude is a middleware plug and play blockchain built on Hyperledger Fabric, for use across the whole spectrum of enterprise eCommerce platforms and allows eCommerce businesses to adopt blockchain quickly and efficiently, without needing to replace current systems.

We know that CMS, ERP and WMS integrations can be extremely expensive and take many, many months to deliver. Omnitude’s plug and play blockchain technology allows the quick and cost effective integration of these systems.

Omnitude also helps eCommerce by providing a record of manufacture origin and provenance, ensuring that genuine goods are easily identified whilst highlighting fraudulent copies.

Omnitude’s Single Identity and Single Reputation will help reduce the most usual form of fraud, Identity Theft.

Payment gateway providers typically charge 2.9% to use their services. Omnitude provides an alternative lower cost cryptocurrency based payment mechanism.

What makes Omnitude different?

Omnitude is not a single solution blockchain application. It is much bigger than that, our vision for the business is pioneering.

Not only do we add value through our eCommerce middleware solutions, we are also driving the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology through the establishment of a blockchain ecosystem.

Omnitude aims to bring blockchain technology to the masses, enabling fast adoption of blockchain technology to any business that wants it. We will provide the platform and integration capabilities for any solution to become manageable, viable and functional, with a fast route to market for a whole host of potential customers.

We would highly recommend that you look at our intro video –

How does Omnitude differ from the competition?

Competition is a word we hear a lot. Who are our competitors? How do we differ? How do we plan on beating the competition?

While there are many new companies and projects starting within the ecommerce space, we are yet to identify anyone doing what we are doing with Omnitude.

There are people providing payment solutions, supply chain Dapps, improved customer security and fraud prevention software, however, there are all DApps that can be deployed through our Middleware layer. We are looking to be all-inclusive and collaborate wherever possible.

The wider the adoption of this technology, the faster, transparent and more secure the world of eCommerce will become.

The short answer is, this is not the year 2000. Competition and secrecy stifle innovation.

We are creating a collaborative environment to build the broadest range of DApps designed and built by our community (and some of our own). We want to enable other blockchain technologies and so-called competitors to be able to deploy their own solutions through Omnnitude. As such, the word competition is both outdated and not necessary in a new technological world that offers transparency and gives power back to the individual.

Who will use the Omnitude platform?

Any business that wants to exploit the benifits of blockchain and distributed ledger technology without having to replace their current system.

Why did you choose Hyperledger?

We chose Hyperledger Fabric because of its stability, security and its ability to process large volumes of transactions quickly. We believe this is one of the aspects that sets Omnitude apart.

How do you plan to expand and improve your app?

Omnitude is not an App or a DApp, and will actually operate as a Middleware layer for all blockchain applications relevant for the world of eCommerce. We will create the ecosystem and end points to ensure smooth and cost-effective integrations of blockchain technology for small customers through to enterprise clients. We will continue to empower our community of developers to create their own DApps to serve to eCommerce companies thorough Omnitude. This means that the scalability of our offering is limited only by our imaginations!

How does Omnitude differ to, and plan to compete with, existing enterprise platforms/systems?

We have seen an enormous amount of Blockchain companies formed to fix everyday solutions, yet all seem to solve only one problem. Omnitude is a blockchain connectivity ecosystem and will be able to work with any other blockchain service providers (including so-called competition).Because Omnitude is an ecosystem, rather than an app, we see community members designing, building and releasing their own applications via Omnitude.We’ll also be releasing our own applications on the Omnitude platform to deliver the use cases outlined in our whitepaper so as to promote the growth and adoption of blockchain solutions for the eCommerce and enterprise space.As far as we know, no other solution integrates and works with blockchain systems and traditional enterprise technologies to create an ecosystem, like Omnitude does.
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