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Omnitude is a pioneering hybrid blockchain business. Focused on bringing the benefits of this new disruptive technology to future facing enterprises that recognise it’s transformative role in bringing real‑world commercial advantage.

Both businesses and customers can benefit from our hybrid blockchain middleware plug and play platform. Omnitude’s blockchain ecosystem allows data to be pushed, pulled and merged into data flows that are secure, transparent and immutable. Allowing businesses to adopt this new technology without having to replace current systems whilst ensuring customers are in charge of their own personal data, without having to have it stored in centralised, vulnerable data silos.

Take a look around, we are in the vanguard of real world adoption today… not tomorrow.

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Is your online identity safe from theft?

Online retail has grown at a phenomenal rate over the last decade, and online fraud has not lagged behind. Nowadays enterprises and consumers need to be well informed of the many tactics that cybercriminals use to steal their hard earned cash. Consumers generally think that online shopping is safer than high street shopping. After all, thieves can’t physically touch the merchandise nor can they dip their sticky fingers into consumers pockets.

Are you confident in the products you are buying online?

Next time you get out your credit card to do your shopping online, you should be aware that almost 10% of worldwide trade is in counterfeit goods. Granted there are people actively searching for fake goods, however, millions of consumers may have purchased a counterfeit product online without ever realising that they have bought a fake especially when it puts their health and safety at risk — and you could be one of them!

Hyperledger is the key to blockchain becoming transformative

Not since the world wide web itself was conceived in the mind of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, has a technology promised a broader and more fundamental revolution than blockchain. Much has been written about it in recent months, especially following the fluctuations in the value of Bitcoin that have caused a massive volatility in the crypto-market. Yet, whilst blockchain and the various cryptocurrencies that it underpins are getting all the headlines, some of the biggest names in the business including Accenture, Cisco, IBM, Fujitsu and SAP are backing a different horse — Hyperledger.

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