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We have reduced our hardcap by $5 MILLION,

which will be airdropped to everyone who participates in our token sale.

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What is Omnitude?

Omnitude is a middleware blockchain layer... a toolkit for businesses to integrate the benefits of blockchain technology into the commercial fabric of their organisations easily and cost efficiently.

We are working with a whole spectrum of progressive organisations looking to leverage the benefits of this new disruptive technology.

Our customers include: Williams Martini Racing, The Maltese Government’s Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects, Luxury Goods and Food Retailers, Technology Businesses and Logistics Companies.

All looking to incorporate new technologies to improve their operations.

A brief introduction to Omnitude

How does Omnitude help organisations ?

Businesses and organisations
create terabytes of big data...

our blockchain toolkit takes this data out of silos and
gives direct data access to the technicians who need it
in real time, improving performance.

Skull and crossbones

Up to 5% of goods imported into
the EU last year were counterfeit
versions of genuine products.

Omnitude helps provide a record of manufacture origin
and provenance. Ensuring that genuine goods are easily
identified whilst highlighting fraudulent copies.

Wolf sheep logo

In 2016 for every $100 spent
through eCommerce, fraudsters
stole 5.65 cents.

Omnitude’s Single Identity and Single Reputation will
help reduce the most usual form of fraud, Identity Theft.

Logistics companies can use
blockchain to create transparency
for every part of the supply chain

ensuring security, integrity and safety of goods from the
first mile through to the customers doorstep.

CMS, ERP and WMS integration
can be extremely expensive and
take many, many months.

Omnitude’s plug and play blockchain technology allows
the quick and cost effective integration of these

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The latest stories

Omnitude is not a single solution blockchain application. It is much bigger than that, our vision for the business is pioneering. Not only do we add value through our middleware solutions, we are also driving the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology in big industry through the establishment of a blockchain ecosystem.

This allows us to share our code, learnings and resources to help kick-start other blockchain start-ups and app development projects whilst enabling everyone to create blockchain solutions. Ensuring that Omnitude as a business can continue to thrive and grow not only in the enterprise marketplace, but beyond that, pushing blockchain into the mainstream.

The Omnitude vision

We are driving mass adoption of blockchain technology.

Whether you are a big business with global reach, a small business who wants to grow, or an individual who wants trust, security and ease of interaction online, the aim is the same...

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In partnership with

Ministry for Transport Infrastructure Capital Projects

The Omnitude roadmap



Concept Creation

Core Team Hired

2017 Q3

Technical Whitepaper Created

2017 Q4

Finalise Business Case

Define Minimum Viable Ecosystem

Build And Test Proof Of Concept Iteratively (Ongoing)

Onboard Beta Clients, Business Partners

Develop Functional And Technical Architecture

Design Roll-out Strategy And Integrate With

Legacy Systems

Join Hyperledger Foundation

Announce Technology Partners

Whitepaper And Website Go Live

Whitelist And Pre-sale

Creation Of Proof Of Concept

Public Release Of Code And Github Repo

Token Sale

2018 Q1

ECOM Live On Exchanges

Announce Technology Partners

Work On Phase 1 & 2

Creation Of Integration Code

Creation Of Live Production Nodes

2018 Q2

Late Q3 / Early Q4 - Phase 1 Dev Completion

Start Of Testing

Develop Operating Models And Governance

2018 Q3

Completion Of Testing

Launch Of Phase 1

Begin Full Time Development On Phase 2

2018 Q4

Take Omnitude Into Full Production

Plug Into External Developer Ecosystem To

Nurture Standardisation

Launch Phase 2 As Projects Become Ready

2019 & BEYOND
Dates Coin for sale Bonus
Pre Sale January 30, 2018
February 12, 2018
10707381.596975 ECOM tokens
Unsold coins will be
sold during ICO
15% discount
Token Sale March 28, 2018
May 31st, 2018
Participants - 50 million
ECOM tokens
Core team and advisors:
44292618.403025 ECOM tokens**
Unsold tokens will be burned

** Team and advisor tokens are vested based on time with 20% being released each year for 5 years.

The ECOM token is a utility token launched alongside the Omnitude platform and ecosystem. Merchants, customers and suppliers will earn and purchase ECOM within the Omnitude ecosystem. The token will serve several primary functions:

A native method of settlement between parties to access the system and it’s resources.

An incentive for ecosystem participants to operate and secure the ecosystem.

A means to raise funds for the long-term development of Omnitude.

Token price: 1 ECOM = 0.46c
Total supply: 55 000 000 ECOM
Token : ERC20
Platform: Hyperledger

Token sale structure & distribution

Tokens for Pre-Sale investors: 5 million ECOM

Tokens for Token Sale investors: 50 million ECOM

Tokens for core team and advisors: 12 million ECOM

Team and advisor tokens are vested based on time with 20% being released each year for 5 years.

Use of token sale proceeds

Omnitude fist shopping cart pattern

The power of Omnitude

Omnitude delivers a whole raft of benefits for everyone
involved, here are just a few... Click on the tabs to see what
Omnitude’s middleware platform can do for you.

Thumbs up logo

Peace of mind

Get peace of mind with our secure
investment platform as well as a
team withover 60+ years experience
in eCommerce, Tech and Retail.

No whales

No whales

Accessibility for all investors, not just
a select few through a cap of
$50,000 per person.

Mouse logo

Your own wallet

Use your own individual wallet rather
than one smart contract address.



Join a large, vibrant and
engaged community.

A diverse spread of participants

A diverse spread
of participants

Protection against market volatility
as we spread token ownership
far and wide.



Partnerships with large name global
enterprises supporting Omnitude in
Proof of Concept development.

Blockchain made easy

Blockchain made easy

We take away the barriers to
entry for adopting blockchain

Digital background logo

Making your data
work for you

Push pull and merge data
to create workflows.

Anti Fraud logo


Reduction of fraud and
counterfeit goods.

Dollar sign logo

Cost reduction

Cost efficiency in the use
of our ecosystem. No large
enterprise licensing fees.

Padlock logo

A stronger supply chain

Transparency, immutability and
security to the supply chain.


Fast and flexible

The system can handle 100,000
transactions per second with baked
in scalability. Already multiple use
cases indentified.

World logo

Flexibility and
a world of choice

A gateway to a wider ecosystem
-one connection, multiple applications

Empower everyone

From Accounts teams to Warehouse
teams, everyone can build and use
Omnitude apps without being an
IT specialist.

Blockchain made easy

Blockchain made easy

We take away the barriers to
entry for adopting blockchain.

Take on the big boys

Take on the big boys

Adopt the same complexity of software
as enterprises so that you can level
the playing field.

Dollar sign logo

Lowering the cost
of doing business

Low transaction processing fees.

Pay as you go

Pay as you go

Better match payment with
progress through your supply chain.

Better match payment

Better match payment with
progress through your supply chain.

Significant fraud protection and
end-to-end transparency through
all chains and channels.

Tick logo


Get authentic customer reviews
that can be verified.

Light bulb logo

Flexibile and
bespoke solutions

Be agile and innovative by sharing
your ideas and create tailored apps
to suit.

Number one logo

Single sign on

Enter your personal information
once and access it across any
Omnitude ebabled eCommerce site.

Supply chain logo

Know where you are

Order tracking from
product manufacture right through
to your doorstep.

Speedy shopping cart

Get what you want quicker

Store your preference information once
(e.g. Style, sizing, delivery times) when
transacting online with a merchant.

ECOM logo

Get rewarded for
your actions

Earn ECOM for performing a
variety of actions.

Trust your instincts

Trust your instincts

Be confident in the claims of
product origin and manufacture.

Trust the little guy

Trust the little guy

Shop across a much wider range of
small businesses, confident in their
reputation through the transparency
and immutability of our blockchain systems.

Be part of the family

Be part of the family

Join a community of developers
to build app solutions on top of
the ecosystem.

Think global

Think global

Participate in thought leadership
activities, documentation, code and
events, gain exposure amongst a
global Omnitude developer network.

Recycle logo

Give and get

Build apps and get rewarded
for improving the ecosystem.

Fist logo

Be bleeding edge

Help shape the future of blockchain in a
decentralised, secure and transparent
community environment that is driving
mainstream adoption.

Hyperledger graphic

Get Connected

Connect with best-in-class
blockchain developers around
the world.


Who is behind Omnitude?

Omnitude is a blockchain project borne out of an existing enterprise eCommerce agency.

Omnitude is a blockchain project borne out of an existing enterprise eCommerce agency. We’ve spent the best part of the last 10 years putting up with one of the major problems Omnitude will fix, integrations. We’ve spent most of our time integrating and reintegrating systems.

We know this sector inside and out, we have a pool of staff who know this sector very well and more importantly, we have a lot of enterprise customers who cannot wait to get their hands on Omnitude.

Swisscom Blockchain AG and Omnitude

Our collaboration with Swisscom Blockchain AG ensures that the scale of our vision and project is matched by our ability to deliver it...

“If successful, the platform could change e-Commerce as we know it today. With Swisscom Blockchain committing our strength in technical expertise, DLT experience and providing infrastructure strength, Omnitude has chosen one of the strongest technical partners in Switzerland.”

Waldemar Scherer, Head of Enterprise Blockchain at Swisscom Blockchain AG.

Why Hyperledger?

Omnitude has chosen Hyperledger Fabric to build our blockchain upon, because of its stability, scalability and trust.

Its architecture allows us to process transactions very quickly with finality. Far quicker than most other blockchains can handle. This is crucial for Omnitude... we are fast.

Hyperledger will enable us to be faster than most current payment systems including Visa and Paypal.