Clinical Drug Trials Take Maximum Advantage of Blockchain Revolution

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London, UK 29th Aug 2019

Omnitude, one of the fastest growing UK technology businesses announced today the signing of a pharmaceutical commercial contract to develop a blockchain solution that will bring greater trust, security and efficacy to clinical drug trials in the UK and USA.

Clinical Connex, a UK registered Pan-Atlantic business has confirmed the commencement of development on a brand new blockchain-enabled platform that will transform the way some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical businesses conduct clinical trials.

Utilising Omnitude’s widely regarded blockchain architecture and Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), Clinical Connex intend to offer a ‘best-in-class’ alternative process and procedure to the existing trial methodology, ensuring greater accuracy and transparency in results testing.

The contract is worth an estimated $30 million, over a 5-year period. This is a great win for the UK technology company Omnitude, formed just 18 months ago and winning some of the most reputable International businesses whilst diligently building their technology platform. Omnitude are members of The Linux Foundation, Hyperledger and Tech UK.

“This major milestone is testament to Omnitude’s dedication to enabling realworld advantage to future-focused businesses who embrace this new disruptive technology. With Clinical Connex, we share the same vision for bringing simplicity and clarity to an ever increasing complex technological world and we are both excited at the prospect of bringing the benefits of blockchain technology to the clinical drug trials industry.” Chris Painter, Founder CEO – Omnitude.

Omnitude has grown from a passionate idea into an International tech pioneer within just 18 months. They are focused on building flexible integrated blockchain solutions using their core platform, catering for Life Sciences, Supply Chain Management and Data/Identity Security. Omnitude’s solutions are unique, ingenious and practical. Their core mission, to provide real-world pragmatic value through emerging technology. They have already forged international partnerships, including; Capita Plc, CS-Cart, The Maltese Government Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects to name a few.

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